OG evol mini-tube rocking my new Sunshine Glass enail! Thing is so tiny 😗💨💨💨💨👍

Humboldt’s tinier 😏

These units have a dope standby switch  and for 350/blue,green,white or 325 for red with coil included and 2 year warranty… Can’t really be beat 👍

OG evol mini-tube rocking my new Sunshine Glass enail! Thing is so tiny 😗💨💨💨💨👍


I reckon if more people understood this there would be a lot less victim blaming when it comes to rape.

Rape is a crime of power and dominance over another human being, not about sexual desires.., had a big discussion about this in my psychology of sexuality class and why surgical/chemical castration would be considered cruel and unusual punishment since it would only lower their testosterone levels, which would lower their sex drives, which has nothing to do with why they have/are raping.The hardest part of being in this field (my teacher about being a practicing physiatrist in sexual behavior) is having hope that these people can overcome their sickness with the right treatments and help… I could not do that..

To anyone not aware, on Nov 4th we will be voting on legalizing MEDICINAL MARIJUANA in the state of FLORIDA! 

We have been witnessing history in the making as more and more states decriminalize and legalize for medicinal and recreational use, but we can’t let the momentum fizzle out here! 

Please make sure you are registered to vote! If you are, great.. Make sure your friends/family are registered and also make sure your voting card’s info is up to date. 

Don’t want to wait in line on voting day? Get your absentee ballot and make your voice heard from the convenience of your couch!

Everything is ready, all we need is for you to get up and vote on November 4th. Yes on 2!

Thick ass Bubblegum slab looking sexy 🍯🔥

That shit is shatter son!🔥

Product photography days are always fun, especially with the help of a tasty slab 🍯🔥




Jota Castro, Mortgage, (2009). 



SB on the flip 🔄

If you in FL, make sure your registered to vote and please try and make it a goal to get your friends to register and actually vote! Lets make history, and let’s get regulated! Big moves happening in Miami, millions coming in from Investors worldwide let make sure to do our part and spread the word, it’s only a matter of time! Yeson2

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