7gs of prime mango nugrun shatter went into this tray πŸ‘

10lbs black angus ground beef
5.5lb bacon slab
30+ hotdogs
50lbs of potatoes 

And this is just the beginning of the prep for sundaze’s holiday. Medicated errthing :)

Yes, that is a grilled cheese, with a burger topped with hash browns, eggs, cheese and bacon in the middle, topped with a doughnut full of bacon 😱πŸ”₯

420 burger from A&G burger joint

Mango Tango! Roilty extracts LA secret cup winner and high time cannabis cup entry πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯clarity and stability for days! (Thick ass half oz slab)

This little πŸŽ‚ rips!

I died a little leaving this event without some new glass… The work was so on point. One day I’ll own a snic sculpted rig. 
P.s all snic X elbo collabs, except back left raptor… micro X elbo 

Photo credit to Marleys tobacco

Snic and Elbo showing the goods! By far one of the best demos I’ve been to. So inspiring to watch these guys melt boro with such preciseness,  they make it look so easy! 
Thanks to the homie jay for the shot from IG

itsjustlarz asked:
fashooo you happened to be my 420th follower thanks bro. ive been following you for a while i love your pics πŸ‘

Haha dope! Thanks man, digging your pics too. Hope your enjoying Cali, trying to make it out there soon

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