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Family, the most important thing in this world. Beautiful day spent at the zoo with my love :)

Purple Mangos finally done! πŸ”₯🍯

Cant get enough of this chemband! Such an active sativa high, I dab it all day and am not falling asleep but definitely feel super medicated πŸ‘Œ

Chemband macro!

Slab of chemband finally finished it’s purge cycle! Have not been able to stop dabbing it all day lol so stanky!!

rickytan14 asked:
Nah I just want to make it for the hell of it. it looks fun and creative! Dabs haven't really made it's way here to my city yet. And yeah I haven't really found anyone that knows how to make it. And I'm guessing dry sifting is like the simplest way to make concentrate?

O word then jump right in man! Dry ice and sifting is the simplest, but tough to get down perfect and to a dabable grade. Hopefully things will change here when November comes around lol

Little shard of 🍍to get me through this shitty weather in Florida β˜”οΈ

rickytan14 asked:
Everything look so 😍😍 is it hard to make wax?

Lol thanks man I appreciate it! but that’s a tough question. Once you understand what is actually happening during the extraction, and you understand all the different variables and what they affect, it becomes less “difficult”. With that said, anyone can pick up some equipment, look up a video and start producing… But unless your seriously committed to producing a clean extract and keeping up with the constant research and experimentation the members of this community are always performing, you should focus your attention on finding someone who not only knows what they are doing, but can tell you (and you believe them) that the material was properly flushed and no foliar sprays were ever used (also preferably organic). Basically know the source, especially in a non-legal state.

I guess to sum it up, some people make “oil” for money while Some people make medicine..

I don’t think bho will be around for ever tho, so if your just starting to look into making concentrates, you should look I to dry sifting and ice&water extractions also πŸ‘

Pineapple Kush 🍍✨

I love this strain! It is such a heavy high, both cerebral and physical. I don’t dab it during the day unless I have nothing planned lol. It’s the perfect medicine for dabbing after exercising or for when your getting ready to go to bed πŸ‘

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